By our Tarot Reader, Sophia Somerville of Southern Spells.

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The Winter Solstice has just passed. How did it feel for you, to experience the shortest day, the longest night? In the Southern Hemisphere we are well and in a hibernation phase seasonally – a time of tending to our inner fire, letting go of overextending ourselves, grounding into our truth, and cosying up with hot choccie. The days will slowly but surely let in more and more light, and in time we will be invited back out into exterior, celebratory, sun-mode. For now, let yourself experience the truths that lie at the heart of winter.

We find ourselves at the brink of a new moon in Cancer on July 2, a cardinal water sign best known for its propensity to feel deeply, nurture freely, crave safety, and retreat into its crab shell when that sense of safety is threatened. At this time, we as a collective are being asked to get clear on where in our lives we need to create more safety for ourselves, so we can take responsibility for our boundaries. We can still stretch and grow whilst in a nesting phase. Traditionally, the new moon is a time for setting intentions for the month ahead. However, with a peppering of two eclipses and a mercury retrograde, July is less a month for manifesting and more a time to ground and let the energies around you wash over you like a waves. These ‘scopes are meant to provide the inspiration to consistently show up for and take care of yourself, no matter the weather.

I have pulled a card from the She Wolfe deck for each sign. Read for your sun, moon and rising signs, if you know all three. Take with you what resonates; ditch the rest.

ARIES: Five of Pentacles

There’s an air of distrust in your eyes as you gaze upon your future, Aries. Where or what are you doubting? Instead of getting caught up in the headiness of such a question, do something with your hands to keep busy without hyping up your headspace. Paint your nails, make tacos, rub a drop of Frankincense oil on the soles of your feet. This flare-up is temporary; a necessary threshold to pass through. In time it will carry you to the next phase of your journey.

TAURUS: Queen of Wands

Something that dwells deep within you demands expression this month. Don’t force it – simply create space to allow it to rise up and out of you like smoke. It would be wise to leave a little extra legroom in your calendar this month, as a busy schedule could breed unnecessary frustration. Your emotions need outlets, not barriers. Enjoy this breath of fire and the feeling of release it brings. Use or voice, move your body, or write it out.

GEMINI: Magician

Even though your season has passed, a core part of you is still in your element. You are able to see things from a wider vantage point this month, creating a wise boundary between yourself and any dramas playing out below. Lean into your trust of the inner timing of things; the invisible and seemingly incomprehensible timing of your life. This will allow you float without flying away. A supportive essential oil for you is Tea Tree, the oil of energetic boundaries.   

CANCER: Lovers

Happy Birthday, Cancer! This month gifts you the opportunity to witness your self-love bloom in the world around you. As you reflect upon another trip around the sun, your inner life is mirrored back to you in your external environments. Notice all evidence of your growth, beauty and grace as you move through the world. Gaze into it like a lover’s eyes.  And give yourself a gift, you deserve it.

LEO: Temperance

It’s time to take a step back, Leo. With your fiery season on the horizon, what better time to sit in the muck and magic of where you are right: smack bang in the middle of the year. Give yourself as much time and space from all-the-doing as you can muster, so you can polish the jewel of your desire. If you’ve lost touch with what you really want, this is an excellent month to let all that is not meant for you to fall away. What you’re left with shines with brilliant clarity, giving you renewed trust in the universe. Light some ritual incense, to acknowledge the presence of mystery.

VIRGO: Page of Wands

The vastness of your interior opens up for you this month in the most glorious of ways. You see yourself in ways you have been longing to be seen by others, in all your presence, dexterity and dynamism. There is something emerging in you that feels different, and newly safe to experience. Let yourself sink into this shift. Deep breathing and long walks are favoured at this time. This is a moment to ground before leaping forward. Don’t curb your enthusiasm, but internally harness it. Don’t let your feelings use you; use them.


Quite literally: get some sun. Or if you can’t close your eyes and go to your favourite spot in nature. Visualisation is a powerful tool for you. This card also indicates that part of you wants to be acknowledged for reaching a destination, a point of glory, a triumph over adversity. Celebrate that victory, however big or small. It matters to your spirit right now.

SCORPIO: Six of Cups

There is a sweetness to this month that is free from being sickly. This sweetness flows from a hearth of truth towards you, like a river on its way to the sea. Notice what is coming into or returning to your life, and determine what you want to allow in. It is always up to you. Let yourself take the precious moments in, fully and freely. If you feel resistance to this pleasure, brew a cup of turmeric tea and give yourself permission to kick back.

SAGITTARIUS: Two of Swords

You’ve been in your head about all of the things, Sag. Time to put yourself out of your misery. Instead of forcing yourself to make a choice, get a facial. I’m serious, as well as being abstract – there is decisive power in taking all the options off the table and letting yourself engage with your physical senses again. Give your head a break, and the answers you’ve been seeking will find you on their own.


Rejoice, for the Tower here to help you grow into the person you really are. It tears down anything in your life that is no longer working for you, or does not have your best interests at heart. This isn’t something to fear but a process to prepare for, as your immune system will likely need some extra support during this time of change and upheaval. Try Gubinge powder for a boost of natural Vitamin C.

AQUARIUS: Ten of Cups

July is a special month for your sense of gratitude. This is a time to let yourself receive the gifts of your own making. There is a need to pause in-between the action to marvel at what you’ve built room for in your life, and to really welcome its arrival. You are allowed to dwell in the serenity of it all, whilst also acknowledging the ups and downs of getting used to the good. Write your gratitude list and say it aloud. Over and over, till you feel it in your bones.


Surrender to the pace of the waves this month, Pisces. This shouldn’t be a chore for you; you know the ocean metaphor better than any of us. A cycle for you is ending, even if it doesn’t appear so, it may be unconscious and under the surface. There is so much to be free from right now, but it is a gentle and natural release that you are experiencing. There is no chaos here, only the soft power and flow of water. Put out any burning sage or palo santo in a smudge bowl this month, to support the ritualistic clearing of old energy.