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To celebrate the full moon in Libra.

By resident Tarot Reader, Sophia Somerville.

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The Easter full moon that just passed was in Libra, making it the second full moon in a row in this sign (the first was on March 20). This occurrence is known as a Double Full Moon, and marks an ideal time to focus on what you’ve been avoiding – specifically when it comes to your self-care. During the two weeks following this moon you are being asked to cycle back to what feels unresolved in your relationship to yourself. Libran energy corresponds to partnership, the relationship between self and other, and is also an archetype associated with beauty, aesthetics and balance. In this way, you may also take these next 14 days as an opportunity to examine the ways your self-care and beauty rituals influence your interactions with others and inspire action in the wider world.

Be open to any psychic downloads (otherwise known as: those flashes of an idea that you get at the most inconvenient times but feel compelled to write down in the notes section of your phone nonetheless) that are coming through for you at this time. Notice how your relationships act as mirrors, and what those mirrors are showing you about your own nature. Be brave enough to open your eyes and look. You are worthy of the truth.

Here are your Beautyscopes for the two weeks following the Full Moon in Libra, from April 20 to May 3. I have pulled a card for each sign. Read for your sun, moon and rising signs, if you know all three. Take what resonates and leave the rest. I have used the Motherpeace tarot deck for this reading.

Here are your Beautyscopes for the two weeks following the Full Moon in Libra, from April 20 to May 3. I have pulled a card for each sign. Read for your sun, moon and rising signs, if you know all three. Take what resonates and leave the rest. I have used the Motherpeace tarot deck for this reading.

ARIES: Page of Cups

You are at the threshold of a plethora of feeling – and not the heavy, burdensome kind. This moon wants to cascade a waterfall of supportive emotions all over your spirit. This has the power to lift your heart, and might even bring a long-forgotten dream to the surface. Sip on some Turmeric Tea to calm your nervous system enough to be able to receive the soothing sensations that want to flow through you.

TAURUS: Hermit

It’s your birthday season, Taurus! What better time to schedule in some me-time? The Hermit wants you to use this fortnight to reconnect to your body and rest your mind. Create a container of peace around you, and give yourself permission to forget about the outside world for a while. Place a Bodha Aromatherapy Eye Pillow over your lids for maximum bliss.

GEMINI: King of Swords

Some hard but necessary truths want to be voiced at this time. Don’t get ahead of yourself though Gemini - it’s important that you communicate to yourself first in a judgement free manner, so you can clarify what the truth of the matter is. Try free-writing out your feelings, insights and ideas on some Supply Paper without censoring or editing your words. From there, you can speak your truth from a place of backing yourself.

CANCER: Hanged Man

A necessary pause is being experienced right now. Don’t fight it. Use this halt-in-outer-progress as a way of ramping up your inner progress. Get intimate with your physical needs - any cleansing rituals or clearing practices are favoured at this time, especially those that you have not tried before. Clear away mental clutter by dry body brushing or going for a swim. You gain personal power when you prioritise your pause. Make the most of it.

LEO: Queen of Cups

The part of you that feels everything deeply wants to be celebrated and seen. Not in a drama-queen way, but in a more creative and spiritual manner. Use this time to create a ritual to honour your emotional body. This may involve cooking yourself a nourishing, colourful meal using seasonal ingredients, or appealing to your senses with Bodha Calm Ritual Spray. Whatever you do, make it feel good. Let it feel like an affirmation.

VIRGO: Four of Cups

You have a choice to make. Things may feel cloudy at the moment, with little hope of getting out of the mud. Acknowledge your frustrations but do not believe them, Virgo. This wading is not a waste of time. Diffuse some Peppermint Oil to inspire clarity; breathe it in daily as a way of reminding yourself that you are on your way to a sense of finality. There is closure coming, and with it a whole lotta freedom. It’s important that you don’t abandon yourself at this stage of the journey my love.

LIBRA: Ace of Pentacles

A new beginning is at your doorstep. Whether you feel ready or not, you are being offered a brand new way of living your days. A fresh approach to routine is being emphasised at this time, one that wants you to infuse more intentionality to the more mundane aspects of your existence. Burn some Peruvian Palo Santo Incense to set your intentions in a tangible, effervescent way, and fill your home space with its energy. Let this be a time of using your physical routines to water what you want to grow.


This moon is illuminating the magic of the unknown, a realm that you do not tend to shy away from. This time is about renewing your vows to all that is mysterious, dark, shadowy, untapped, raw and mystical - and surrendering to its power. You draw beauty from all that is unseen. That is something rare and wonderful to behold. Pop a tube of Moon Balm in your purse as a lunar talisman you can carry with you as you move through this moonlit world.

SAGITTARIUS: Knight of Pentacles

True to form, your desires are plentiful right now. The long weekend may have hit you with a reality check, and unearthed some frustration about how long something that you want is likely to take. Don’t shy away from calling it like it is, but don’t use it as an excuse to abandon your dreams. This time is encouraging you to embrace the path you are on wholeheartedly, and find the benefits of the slow burn. The medicine of Ayurveda may help you see the wisdom in aiming before you shoot - try Ayu’s Kapha Body Oil after a shower.


You’ve been on your grind, Capricorn. While I love to see you in your proactive element, it’s time for you to reconnect with your receptive side (yes, you have one!). Following the full moon, you are encouraged to experience opulence through your physical body and through nature – as Rachel Pollack says “the Empress wears the universe as her jewellery”. My prescription? Give yourself a lymphatic massage using Odacité’s Crystal Contour Gua Sha. This is a divine way to channel you’re a natural ability to give as well as allowing yourself to receive. Soak up the pleasure and healing that you offer yourself. Let it all the way in.

AQUARIUS: King of Cups

Your relationships are demanding a lot from you, Aqua babes. There may be some fatigue, some weariness, some confusion making its way to the surface of your psyche. Let it up and out – and take note of what it’s telling you. Are there certain folks who make you feel dead inside? Is there an energy vampire in your midst who you need to distance yourself from? Are you giving your partner a chance to support you in the ways you support them? Use this time to clarify your emotional needs. Try burning a Wild Sage Smudge Stick to clear any stagnant energy from your space and banish any emotions that don’t belong to you.

PISCES: Ace of Wands

The spark of a fresh inspiration is lit. Rejoice in its glow, dear Pisces, for it is the answer to an old prayer. This new fire brings a certain fortitude and lust for life that you haven’t experienced in a while. Sink into this feeling, and allow it to engulf you. The beauty of fire is that it connects you to your inherent liberty and free will. What do you want to create? What do you want to bring to life? Light a Beeswax Tealight Candle and make your wishes known.