The Human Aura

Studies by Metaphysicians have shown that the human body is surrounded by a coloured rim known as the aura. It is best thought of as a form of energy and it is becoming more apparent our individual aura has the ability to change or be influenced by both physical and psychological forces such as illness or stress. The bio-energetic aspect of the human aura can also be positively influenced by meditation, reiki and aromatherapy. Essential oils have been compared to human blood in that while they are not the entire plant, they are complete in themselves and like blood, they contain the elements and characteristics of the plant from which they come. After all, essential oils function energetically too. 

Explore our range of Vitruvi essential oils or learn more by picking up a copy of The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood. Burning Palo Santo or Wild Sage is another effective way to shift energies. We also highly recommend the Palo Santo Space Mist by Happy Society.