Fay Halkitis BHSc Nat, ADipBT (CIDESCO) (ITEC) is a qualified Naturopath (Herbalist, Nutritionist) and Beauty Therapist who combines a unique range of qualifications to practise her area of special interest, Naturopathic skin health.

After completing her Naturopathy degree and beauty qualification in Sydney, Fay has been observing the healing benefits of regular facial treatments when combined with evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle modifications and combines these two key areas for her treatments.

Two years spent working in London exposed Fay to a whole world of natural skincare yet to reach Australia. With a desire to share these discoveries and armed with techniques learned during five years as an Aesop Facial Therapist, Luna Beauty & Apothecary was born. 

As a holistic beauty therapist and Naturopath, Fay strongly believes education is the key in helping clients make the most informed decisions about what they put in and on their body. With a special interest in organic skincare and the concept of ‘food as medicine', Fay's combination of nutrition and beauty therapy gives a ‘whole person' approach to skin health.


Luna Beauty & Apothecary aspires to be fiercely independent in its approach to customer service and delivery of knowledge and treatments. This is reflected in our commitment to:

Health. With an innate understanding for health, we can offer true solutions, reading further into the cause of the presenting condition.

Education. Education is essential. We must be able to make informed decisions about everything we put in and on our body


Inspired by the Ophiuchus (pronounced Oh-fee-YOU-cuss) constellation located around the celestial equator, a trusted merit of healing used in different forms throughout the ages (see above).

We are continually drawing on the knowledge that our body does the most healing and repairing while we sleep. 


Situated in a quaint Victorian Surry Hills terrace, our retail store and clinic is dedicated to one-on-one service and advice. We also have a herbal dispensary for personalised tonics. 


Luna Beauty & Apothecary pampers its client using only the finest lotions, potions and oils. We offer results through treatment and advice. Treating the outside with love and respect helps to create serenity and happiness on the inside. Our mission is to inspire our clients to want to care for their body, give it healthy organic foods, things that nourish it through to the soul.

We are passionate about inspiring and awakening the self-nurturer within our clients and guiding them through this process. 

We acknowledge that good health and healthy skin are dependent on a multitude of factors including genetics, environment and your mental and spiritual well-being and are able to offer services that cater to all aspects. We want to help women and men take advantage of all the natural elements at our disposal to benefit our health and vitality, a process that is not so much going back to nature, but perceiving it through enlightened eyes.